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Buds For Life Set of 3 (Color Edition)


Good things always comes in 3’s. You can either keep all 3 or you can gift them to your loved ones. A great way to keep a positive connection growing. These adorable cactus are very tough and strong, placed in hand painted Terracotta pot, the most common and popular planter ever to be used (Dutch made). if you have noticed, the  terracotta pots are scruffed out and some may have traces of dry aged moss, super cool.  These beauties require little water and sunlight. They can live for long periods of time once you take good care of them. They are the ideal gift for all occasions.

Size: Diameter: 8cm x Height: 10cm 

Number of plants: 3, Number of Terracotta Pots: 3

If exact plant shown is not available, it will then be substituted with a similar plant of value and type.

Price includes delivery charge inside Abu Dhabi island only. For orders outside Abu Dhabi, please contact us prior to placing your order for shipping fees +971507824620

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