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These double orchid stems in a glass box with a sprinkle of air plant and woodchips is definitely a unique piece.

Did you know, that the Phalaenopsis Orchid is the most common flowery plant that could last upto 3 to 5 weeks all depending on how you care for it. Caring for this orchid is very simple and its the most commonly asked question, and here is what I have been doing to keep my orchid plant living long.

Step 1: Spray ware on the roots once a week (do not spray the flower or pour water inside the pot)

Step 2: Always keep their long leaves dust free. Use a wet cloth and gently clean each leaf

Step 3: Orchid plants hate, heat or direct sunlight, make sure the room is cool (20 to 24 degrees)

Step 4: Make sure the roots are always silver in colour, its ok if the roots are popping our of the pot its normal.

Step 5: Once the orchid loose all its flowers, leave it on the side and it will bloom again. This process may take few months. all depending on the season.

Number of orchids: 2 x single stems

Height with Orchid Plant: 80 cm, Box size: 20 x 20 x 20 cm

All Orchid plants will be delivered in a suitable packaging and branded wrapping.

If exact plant shown is not available, it will then be substituted with a similar plant of value and type.

Price includes delivery charge inside Abu Dhabi only
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