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The Strings to My Heart


Yes, it is called String of Hearts. These cute variegated heart shaped leafs, will make you AWWW in seconds. They are on every “Planty” plant lover wish list. You cannot go wrong with this as a gift or for yourself.They can grow as tall as 2 meters if not more.

How to Care for String of Hearts Plants

  • Plant your string of hearts in a pot that features a mixture of 2 parts perlite, 1 part loam and 1 part peat moss.
  • Display your string of hearts plant near a window that receives full sun throughout the day. …
  • Provide enough water to moisten the plant
Size:  Diameter Pot: 10cm x Stinge Length 20 to 30 cm

Number of plants: 1 + 1 nursery pot hanging pot 

If exact plant shown is not available, it will then be substituted with a similar plant of value and type.

Price includes delivery charge inside Abu Dhabi island only. For orders outside Abu Dhabi, please contact us prior to placing your order for shipping fees +971507824620


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